Having become increasingly frustrated with our existing club management software, which was out-of-date, unworkable and time-consuming, we started to look for a replacement system for managing our memberships, creating leagues and co-ordinating our numerous tournaments and competitions.

As one of the leading indoor bowls clubs in the UK with over one thousand members and eleven rinks, we were also looking to modernise our online presence with a brand new website.

Having discovered the Bowlr management software, we contacted B4B Marketing, the developers, and following several meetings with them getting to know exactly what our club was looking for, we commissioned them to build us a brand new club management system specifically designed for our needs as a busy indoor bowls club.  They were also asked to design and build a brand new website for us.

Once built and implemented, Bowlr means that we now have an online diary and booking system, which has made booking the rinks much easier for members and staff alike. Members can view rink availability online via the calendar, which is continually updated by the club’s administration team, and with a quick phone call to the club, they can book their slot. Club administrators do now not have to endure lengthy phone calls explaining which rinks are available and when.

All contact details for members are now stored in one easily accessible place thanks to Bowlr. Contact details can be updated in an instant and all financial transactions linked to their membership fees can be tracked and chased if necessary.

The main area, which has reduced the administration time for club employees, thereby releasing them for other duties within the club is the league and competition manager module, which can generate teams and leagues based on the members in the system. And a very clever feature of Bowlr is we can now ensure that members play on all rinks rather than just their favourite!

The system is cloud-based, which means that our authorised users can log into the system from their desktop PC at the club or their laptop at home. This has been key in streamlining our processes and unlike other systems, the management of the club isn’t restricted to the one PC based at the club which only one person can access at any one time.

Our club management and members alike have embraced the new, forward-thinking technology and within just a week of introducing rink-side iPads, 95% of our members were using them to enter their scores after a match – a great testament to how clear and easy-to- navigate we found the Bowlr system right from the start!

Dolphin Chairperson David Porter is extremely impressed with Bowlr and its capabilities: “I would, without doubt, recommend the Bowlr software to any bowls club. It has transformed the way we run our club and our members couldn't be happier that we've streamlined our processes making it far easier for them to make rink bookings and access up-to-date information.

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